Syllabus & Resources

Download the Class Syllabus Here 

This is a site that we will use for homework throughout the semester.  
Register on the Login screen using my teacher code:  275915

This is our online gradebook.  Open for business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Check your grades, see how your  attendance is going, see if you missed a Word Wall word in our class glossary.... find out how you doing!  If you have not logged onto this yet, ask me for a temporary password.  Parents - you can get a password and see the same thing you child can see!

Quizlet Algebra 2 Trig Class  Deck:
A fun way to study vocabulary!  Our class set of Flashcards.  To fully understand the mathematics we will learn here, it is crucial that we develop a precise language that we use when discussing problems.  create Flashcards for our class deck and then use them to study for Tests and Quizzes.

Beautiful, free online calculator.  Simple to use and even simpler for comparing functions so by side.  Highly recommended!

Thoughtful and thorough explanations on every topic that could possibly be on the Regents exam.  Includes examples and exercise.  Three full-length exams, which you can take online or download and print, are directly on the site.

Our entire 'take-home' textbook is available here in crystal-clear PDF.  Chapters are listed separately and can be downloaded as you scroll down the page.

Incredibly useful website with free software for exploring mathematics and worksheets that look allow you to delve deeper into topics that we discuss in the class.

Lessons on nearly everything!  And practice modules.  Missed a lesson?  Chances are, you can find a comparable one here!  Forgot how to do something in Algebra 1 (like multiply negative numbers or add fractions)?  You can definitely find a lesson and practice problems here.