May 19 - 23

posted May 19, 2014, 5:05 AM by Jonathan Rothman   [ updated May 26, 2014, 6:18 PM ]
Saturday, May 24 - Standard Deviation & the Standard Normal Curve
  • LO: Given a set of observations, YWBAT determine the standard deviation of that data set.
  • Essential Question: What does the standard deviation tell us about a data set?
  • Handouts: Standard Deviation & Standard Normal Curve
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Thursday, May 22 - Reference Angles & Cofunctions
  • LO   You will use reference angles to create equivalent trig functions with acute angles.
  • Essential Question    Why would we need to create equivalent acute trig functions?
  • Handouts: Reference Angles & Cofunctions 

Wednesday, May 21 - Signs of Trig Functions
  • LO: You will be able to determine which quadrant the terminal side of an angle is in, given the sign (+ or -) of its trig functions.
  • Essential Question: Why is it important to know the sign value of a trig function in a particular quadrant?
  • Today's Handout:  Signs of Trig Functions
  • Homework:  Complete today's handout/
    • Deltamath

Tuesday, may 20 - Putting the Unit Circle to Use
LearnZillion Video:  Signs of Trig Functions 

Monday, May 19 - Special Right Triangles & the Unit Circle
  • LO:  You will use the ratios of the sides of special right triangles to fill in the points around the unit circle.
  • Essential Question:  How is the unit circle connected to triangles?
  • Today's Handouts:  Coordinates of the Unit Circle Discovery & Blank Unit Circle
  • Homework: DeltaMath - Special Right Triangles, Exact value of trig functions
    • Complete both handouts