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June 9 - 13

posted Jun 9, 2014, 11:19 AM by Jonathan Rothman   [ updated Jun 9, 2014, 1:54 PM ]

Monday, June 9 - Regents Review Day 3 & Mini-Lesson: Euler's Number & the Natural Log
  • LO: We will review last Tuesday's Mock Regents.
  • Essential Question:  What is the base of the Natural Log?
  • Today's Handout: e and the natural Log
  • Homework: DeltaMath
    • Complete the handout

June 2 - 6

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Friday, June 6 - Review Day 2 & Mini-Lesson: Correlation & Regression
  • LO: We will review our Mock Regents.
  • Essential Question: Do we know how much we don't know?
  • Mini-lesson:  Correlation & Regression
  • Homework: DeltaMath
    • Next Monday's Quiz options: Correlation & Regression, Graphs of Sinusoidal Functions

Wednesday, June 4 - Review Day 1 & Mini-lesson: Combinations & Permutations
  • LO: We will review Tuesday’s mock Regents.
  • Essential Question: When should we use combinations and when should we use permutations to determine the total number of ways that something can happen?
  • Today's Handout:  Combinations & Permutations
  • Homework:  Complete the Handout
    • DeltaMath - on Today's Regents review topics: Factor by Grouping, Difference of Squares, Solve Reciprocal Trig Functions.
        8th Period Topic: 
  • LO: YWBAT to determine how many triangles are possible given 2 sides and one angle..
  • Essential Question:  What arrangement of 2 sides and 1 angle gives rise to the ‘ambiguous case’?
  • Handout:  Ambiguous Case

Tuesday, June 3 - Mock Regents!  1 - 4 pm

Monday, June 2 - graphs of Sinusoidal Functions
  • Learning Objective:  YWBAT write the equation given the graph of a sine or cosine function.
  • Essential Question: How is the unit circle related to the graphs of the trig functions?
  • Today's Handouts:  Graphs of Sine and Cosine
  • Homework: Complete the handout
    • Deltamath

May 27 - 31

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Saturday Class - Sequences, Series, and Summation
Part 1:  Arithmetic & Geometric Sequences
                                        1.  Represent an arithmetic sequence as an explicit rule
                                        2. Represent a geometric sequence as an explicit rule 

Part 2: Sum of a Series
Part 3: Sigma Notation

Friday, may 30 - Difference/Sum Formulas & Double Angle Formulas
  • LO:  You will be able to use Sum & Difference formulas to solve trig equations.
  • Essential Question:    How can we be sure that we’ve found the exact value?
  • Today's handouts:  Sum and Difference Formulas & Double Angle Formulas
  • Homework: DeltaMath
    • Complete Both Handouts

Thursday, May 29 - Trig Equations with Identities
  • LO:  You will be able to use Trig Identities to solve trig equations.
  • Essential Question:  How many trig identities do we have to memorize and how many are we given?
  • Today's Handout: Pythagorean Quadratic Trig & Graphing Sine & Cosine
  • Homework: Complete the Handout
    • Deltamath

Wednesday, May 28 - Quadratic Trig Equations
  • LO:  You will be able to solve quadratic trigonometric equations.
  • Essential Question: What do we want to “get by itself” to solve trig equations?
  • Today's Handout: Quadratic Trig Equations
  • Homework:  Complete the handout
    • DeltaMath
LearnZillion Video:  Recursive Sequences

Tuesday, May 27 - Linear Trig Equations
  • LO:  You will be able to solve trigonometric equations.
  • Essential Question: How can the unit circle help us solve trig equations?
  • Today's Handout:  Linear Trig Equations
  • Homework:  Complete Today's Handout
    • DeltaMath

May 19 - 23

posted May 19, 2014, 5:05 AM by Jonathan Rothman   [ updated May 26, 2014, 6:18 PM ]

Saturday, May 24 - Standard Deviation & the Standard Normal Curve
  • LO: Given a set of observations, YWBAT determine the standard deviation of that data set.
  • Essential Question: What does the standard deviation tell us about a data set?
  • Handouts: Standard Deviation & Standard Normal Curve
LearnZillion Videos:  

Thursday, May 22 - Reference Angles & Cofunctions
  • LO   You will use reference angles to create equivalent trig functions with acute angles.
  • Essential Question    Why would we need to create equivalent acute trig functions?
  • Handouts: Reference Angles & Cofunctions 

Wednesday, May 21 - Signs of Trig Functions
  • LO: You will be able to determine which quadrant the terminal side of an angle is in, given the sign (+ or -) of its trig functions.
  • Essential Question: Why is it important to know the sign value of a trig function in a particular quadrant?
  • Today's Handout:  Signs of Trig Functions
  • Homework:  Complete today's handout/
    • Deltamath

Tuesday, may 20 - Putting the Unit Circle to Use
LearnZillion Video:  Signs of Trig Functions 

Monday, May 19 - Special Right Triangles & the Unit Circle
  • LO:  You will use the ratios of the sides of special right triangles to fill in the points around the unit circle.
  • Essential Question:  How is the unit circle connected to triangles?
  • Today's Handouts:  Coordinates of the Unit Circle Discovery & Blank Unit Circle
  • Homework: DeltaMath - Special Right Triangles, Exact value of trig functions
    • Complete both handouts

May 12 - 16

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Saturday, May 17 - Saturday Class: Binomial Probability
  • LO: You will be able to determine the likelihood of a compound event.
  • Essential Question: What kinds of events have only two possible outcomes?
  • Essential Question:  How do words like exactly, at least, and at most change how we compute the probability of an event?    
  • Today's Handout:  Binomial Probability
  • Homework:  DeltaMath 
    • Complete the Handout
Friday, May 16 - Reciprocal Trig Functions & Identities
  • LO: YWBAT to determine the ratios of all six trig functions.
  • Essential Question: What happens when we multiply reciprocal trig functions?  OR   Since when were there six trig functions? 
  • Today's Handouts:  Reciprocal Functions
  • Homework: DeltaMath - - Identifying reciprocal trig ratios, Reciprocal trig functions, Finding trig ratios. 
    • Complete the Handout

Thursday, May 15 - Coterminal Angles & Degreesº,  Minutes', Second"
Wednesday, May 14 - Standard Position & Arc Length
  • LO: You will be able to find the length of an arc given the measure of the angle that subtends that arc.
  • Essential Question:   How does arc length relate to radian measure?
  • Today's Handouts:  Standard Position & Arc Length
  • Homework: Complete Both Handouts

Tuesday, may 13 - Radians, Degrees, and "Useful" partitions of a Circle
  • learning Objective : You will apply radian and degree measures to break up a circle into “useful” sections.
  • Essential Question: How are radians a more natural way of describing angle measure?
  • Today's Handout:  Circles Broken in 8ths &  12ths      
  • Homework:  Complete today's Handout
    • DeltaMath
LearnZillion Video:   Measure radians in fractions of 2π

Monday, may 12 - Introduction to Trigonometry 
  • Learning Objective:  You will be able to convert from degrees to radians (and back).
  • Essential Question:  What is a Radian?
  • Today's Handout:  Radian Measure Activity
  • Homework:  Complete today's Handout
    • Deltamath - convert from Radians to degrees, Degrees to radians.

May 5 - 9

posted May 5, 2014, 1:37 PM by Jonathan Rothman   [ updated May 9, 2014, 1:07 PM ]

Friday, May 9 - Log Equations
  • LO:  YWBAT solve log equations.
  • Essential Question:  Why is there a restriction on the domain of log functions?
  • Today's Handouts: Log Equations & Test 6 REview Packet
  • Homework:  DeltaMath
    • Complete the Log Equations Worksheet

Thursday, May 8 - Properties of Logs
Wednesday, May 7 - Like Bases, Introduction to Logarithms
  • LO:  You will be able to convert from an exponential to a logarithmic equation (and back).
  • Essential Question: What is the inverse of an exponential function?
  • Today's handouts: Like Bases & Introduction to Logarithms
  • Homework:  DeltaMath
    • Complete both handouts

Tuesday, May 6 - Exponential Growth & Decay, Like Bases
  • LO: YWBAT solve exponential word problems.
  • Essential Question: How can we get x by itself when x is an exponent?
  • Today's Handout:  Growth & Decay Word Problems 2
  • Homework: DeltaMath
    • Complete today's handout
Monday, may 5 - Exponential Growth & Decay Word Problems
  • LO: You will be able to calculate the rate of growth or decay.
  • Essential Question: How can we tell if we have growth or decay?
  • Today's Handout:  Growth & Decay Word Problems
  • Homework: DeltaMath - Exponential Functions (3 Correct)
    • Complete Side 1 of today's handout

April 28 - May 2

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Friday, May 2 - Test & introduction to Exponential Decay and Growth
  • LO: YWBAT calculate the rate of exponential growth or decay.
  • Essential Question What every day changes can be modeled by exponential growth and decay?
  • Today's Handout: Exponential Growth & Decay
  • Homework:  DeltaMath

Thursday, May 1 - Test Review
  • LO:  You will Review for Tomorrow's Test
  • Handout:  Review Sheet - worth up to 2 points on tomorrow's test
  • Homework:  DeltaMath

Wednesday, April 30 - Quadratic Inequalities
  • LO:  YWBAT solve quadratic inequalities.
  • Essential Question: What part of the graph paper is > the line y = 0?   What part is < than the line y=0?  What part is = the line y=0?
  • Today's Handouts:  Quadratic Inequalities INtro  & Regents Questions
  • Homework: complete both handouts
    • DeltaMath

Tuesday, April 29 - Sum & Product of the Roots
  • LO: YWBAT calculate the product and the sum of the roots of a quadratic.
  • Essential Question: How are the roots of a quadratic related to the coefficients and constants of its equation?
  • Today's Handout:  Sum & Product of the Roots
  • Homework:   Complete Today's Handout
    • DeltaMath
Tonight's Video: Quadratic Inequalities

Monday, April 28 - Uses of Completing the Square
  • LO: Given a Quadratic in standard form, YWBAT put it in vertex Form by Completing the square.
  • Essential Question:  Why do the solutions we get when we solve by completing the square look so similar to the ones we get when we use the quadratic formula?
  • Today's Handout:  Complete the Square Part 2
  • Homework:  Complete today's handout
    • DeltaMath - Find the complete the Square Constant (3), Complete the Square (3), Vertex Form (3), Center Radius Form (3)

April 23 - 25

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Friday, April 25 - Complete the Square Part 1
  • LO: YWBAT solve by completing the square.
  • Essential Question: Can we solve a quadratic without setting it equal to 0?
  • Today's Handouts:  Exploration - Complete the Square & Complete the Square Practice
  • Homework:  Complete the Handouts
    • DeltaMath - complete the Squared rational solutions (4), complete the Square Irrational solutions (4), Find the Complete the Square constant (2)

Thursday, April 24 - Vertex Form
  • LO:    You will be able to graph a parabola (quickly) given its quadratic equation.
  • Essential question: Where have we seen vertex form before?
  • Today's Handout:  Vertex Form
  • Homework: Complete today's handout
    • Khan Academy (Log in Through DeltaMath) - Graphing Quadratics in Vertex Form
LearnZillion video:  Complete the Square

Wednesday, April 23 - Graphing Quadratics

April 7 - 11

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Friday, April 11 - Graphing Quadratics
  • LO: You will be able to graph quadratics using parts of the quadratic formula.
  • Essential Question: How much information does the quadratic formula contain?
  • Today's Handouts: Graphing Quadratics Notesheet & Graphing Quadratics
  • Homework:  Complete the Graphing Quadratics Handout
    • DeltaMath - Vertex & Axis of Symmetry, Discriminant and the nature of the roots, & Finding the roots from the graph

Thursday, April 10 - Quadratics Part 1, Review and Test Day

Wednesday, April 9 - The Discriminant
  • LO: You will be able to use the discriminant to determine the type of roots of a quadratic equation.  
  • Essential Question: Do we need to find the roots to determine what kind of roots a quadratic has?
  • Today's Handouts: The discriminant
  • Homework:  Complete the handouts
    • DeltaMath - Find the nature of the roots given the discriminant (timed), the discriminant (4), Nature of the roots (4) 

Tuesday, April 8 - Quadratic Formula
  • LO:  YWBAT use the quadratic formula.
  • Essential Question: When do we use the quadratic formula?
  • Today's Handouts: Factorable or Not Exploration  &  Quadratic Formula
  • Homework:  complete the Quadratic Formula handout
    • DeltaMath - Quadratic formula

Monday, April 7 - Solving Quadratics
  • LO:  You will be able to find the roots of a quadratic.
  • Essential Question: What is the use of factoring?
  • Today's handouts:  Roots of a Quadratic  &  Solving Quadratics
  • Homework:  Complete both handouts
    • DeltaMath - Solve Quadratics (6) and set Quadratics equal to zero.

Mar 31 - April 4

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Friday, April 4 - difference of Squares
  • LO: YWBAT factor a difference of squares.
  • Essential Question: Can we factor binomial quadratics that do not have perfect squares?
  • Today's Handout: Difference of Squares
  • Homework: DeltaMath
    • Complete the Handout
This Weekend's Video:

Thursday, April 3 - Factoring Trinomials
  • LO: You will be able to factor trinomials.
  • Essential Question:  What can we do to factor quadratics more quickly when a = 1?
  • Today's Handout: Factoring Trinomials
  • Homework: DeltaMath - Greatest common Factor (3), Factor Trinomials (4), master Product Trinomial Factoring (2)
    • complete Today's handout
Tonight's Video: Difference of Perfect Squares - on Educanon

Wednesday, April 2 - Factor by Grouping & the number Puzzle
  • LO: You will be able to factor trinomials.
  • Essential Question:  What can we do to factor quadratics more quickly when a = 1?
  • Today's Handout: Factor by Grouping   &   number Puzzles
  • Homework: DeltaMath
    • Complete today's handout
Tuesday, April 1 - Quadratics Unit Begins!  Greatest Common Factor
  • LO: YWBAT find the greatest common factor of a polynomial.
  • Essential Question:  Can algebraic expressions be prime?
  • Today's Handout:  Greatest Common Factor
  • Homework: Complete Today's Handout
    • DeltaMath: GCF Level 1 (3), GCF Level 2 (3), FActor by Grouping (4)
    • Reminder: Quiz tomorrow!  9am!  Imaginary & Complex Numbers.
Tonight's Video on Educanon

Monday, March 31 - Rationalizing Complex Numbers
  • LO: YWBAT rationalize complex numbers.
  • Essential Question: How many numbers can be considered complex?  
  • Today's Handouts:  Rationalize Complex Numbers    &     Complex Numbers Quiz Review (quiz on Wednesday!)
  • Homework:  Complete the Rationalize complex numbers handout
    • Deltamath - Add and subtract imaginary numbers (3), Rationalize complex numbers (4)
    • Remember!  Due Tomorrow!  Regents Packet 1!  Download the Instructions Here and the Packet Here.  
Educanon.com Video:  Greatest Common Factor (access the lesson by going to Educanon.com and signing in with your Google Account).  

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