Class Purpose
Hello Algebra 2 and Trig Students and Parents!  Welcome to our website!  

Algebra 2 and Trigonometry is the investigation of how one thing changes relative to another.  These changes can be described by the various functions of mathematics, with each function allowing us to describe and - even more excitingly - predict what the value of one thing will be when we know the value of the other.  

Examples of these kinds of changes include:
  • Cell division  - the number of cells present over time
  • Distance and speed
  • Number of downloads for a band's new song and the total number of tickets sold for that band's next concert
  • Surface temperatures of the world's oceans and the annual number of hurricanes

The goal of this class is to develop increasingly more complex and precise ways of mathematically describing and predicting how things change relative to one another.  I'm excited for the discoveries that we'll make over the course of our class!