Week 2 - Feb 4 - 8

posted Feb 4, 2013, 4:44 PM by J Rothman   [ updated Feb 9, 2013, 3:53 PM ]
Friday, February 8 - Finding the inverse Graphically

Thursday, February 7 - Finding Inverses Algebraically
  • LO:  You will be able to find the inverse of a function.
  • Essential Question:  Is the inverse of a function always a function?
  • Handout:  Algebraic Inverse
  • Homework:  Complete the handout
Wednesday, February 6 - Composition & Inverse Functions
  • LO:  You will be able to compose functions..
  • Essential Question:  How can we use composition of functions when we travel to other countries?
  • Classwork: Composition of Functions 2 Handout
  • Homework:  Complete the handout
    • DeltaMath: Composition of Functions (with X), Composition of Functions
Tuesday, February 5 - Composition of Functions
  • LO:  You will be able to compose two or more functions..
  • Essential Question:  Where have we seen composition in math before?
  • Classwork:  Composition of Functions Handout
  • Homework: Complete Composition of Functions Handout
    • DeltaMath – Composition of Functions, Domain & Range
Monday, February 4 - Notation & Find Domain and Range Graphically
  • LO: Given a graph, you will be able to summarize the domain and range of a function using both Interval and Set Builder notation.
  • Essential Question:  How can a graph help us see patterns in how one thing changes relative to another?
  • Classwork:  Domain and Range graphically Handout
  • Homework:  Complete the handout above.
    • DeltaMath:  Visual Domain & Range, Finding the Range (Graphically)