Week 17 - May 28 - 31

posted May 29, 2013, 4:17 AM by J Rothman   [ updated Aug 20, 2013, 9:33 AM by Jonathan Rothman ]

Friday, May 31 - Mock Regents Review, Correlation & Regression

  • LO:  You will be able to determine the correlation coefficient of a 2-variable data set.
  • Essential Question:  What does the correlation coefficient tell us about the usefulness of the line of best fit?
  • Slides:  Correlation & Regression
  • HW:  Find the correlation Coefficient From the data set on the last slide.

Thursday, May 30 - Mock Regents Review & Sampling Bias

  • LO: We will review yesterday’s mock Regents.
  • Essential Question:  Do we know how much we don’t know?
  • Handout:  Statistical Samples and Sampling Bias
  • Questions Reviewed on the Regents (and possibly on tomorrow's Entrance Quiz):  #1, 3, 10, 16, 18, 27

Wednesday, May 29 - Mock Regents  January, 2012 Algebra 2 Trig Regents Exam

Tuesday, May 28 - Inverse &  Direct Variation, Regents Test-taking Pro-tips

  • LO:  YWBAT determine if two variables are directly or inversely related.
  • Essential Question: How does direct variation affect how long I can go to college?  How does inverse variation affect how much money I can save by completing college in 4 years?
  • Today's Handout:  Direct & inverse Variation
  • Homework:  complete the Handout

  • LO:  You will develop a checklist of things to do when sitting down to take the Regents.
  • Essential Question:  What do I have to know, what do I have to remember, and what is given to me on the Algebra 2 Trig Regents?