Week 13 - April 29 - May 3

posted Apr 29, 2013, 3:15 PM by J Rothman   [ updated May 6, 2013, 6:39 PM ]
Friday, may 3 - Midterm
Thursday, May 2 - Cofunctions
  • LO: You will to use cofunctions to solve for an angle measure algebraically.
  • Essential Question: where can we find cofunctions on the unit circle?
  • Hand out:  Cofunctions
  • Homework: Finish handout
    •  DeltaMath
Wednesday, May 1 - Reference Angles
  • LO: You will use reference angles to create equivalent trig functions with acute angles.
  • Essential Question: why would we ever need to create equivalent acute trig functions?
  • Hand out:  reference angles
  • Homework: Finish handout
    •  DeltaMath
Tuesday, April 30 - Trig Signs & Solving using the unit Circle
  • LO: You will be able to determine which quadrant the terminal side of an angle is in, given the sign (+ or -) of its trig functions
  • Essential Question:  Why is it important to know the sign value of a trig function in a particular quadrant?
  • LO:  You will use the unit circle to solve trig equations.
  • Essential Question: How can the unit circle make doing these problems easier?
  • Handouts:   Trig Signs (+ or –)                Using the Unit Circle
  • Homework:  complete Both Handouts
    • DeltaMath
  • Announcement: Quiz Tomorrow!  Be able to reproduce the unit circle (angles AND coordinates)
  • Announcement 2: Test Thursday!!
Monday, April 29 - Putting the Unit Circle to Use
  • LO: You will be able to find the exact value of trig functions for those angles we find around the unit circle.
  • Essential Question: How Does the Unit Circle allow us to be  more precise than we can be using a calculator?
  • Homework: DeltaMath