Week 10 - April 8 - 12

posted Apr 8, 2013, 7:10 PM by J Rothman   [ updated Apr 15, 2013, 4:33 PM ]
Friday, April 12 - Exponential Functions
Thursday, April 11 - Exponential Functions Intro
  • LO: You will be able to Break apart the pieces of an Exponential Equation.
  • Essential Question: How do we distinguish between Exponential Growth and Decay?
  • Homework:  No New Homework.  Complete old DeltaMath assignments.

Wednesday, April 10 - Quadratic Inequalities & Test Review
  • LO:  You will be able to solve quadratic inequalities.
  • Essential Question: What part of the graph paper is > the line y = 0?  What part is < the line y = 0?  What part is =0?
  • Handouts:  Do Now        Quadratic Inequalities      Test review
  • Homework:  complete the Quadratic Inequalities Handout
    • DeltaMath
    • The Test Review packet can be completed for up to 2 bonus points on tomorrow's test
Tuesday, April 9 - Completing the Square with sum and product of roots

  • LO: You will be able to calculate the product and the sum of the roots by the coefficients of a quadratic equation.
  • Essential Question: How are the roots of quadratics related to the coefficients and constants of the equation itself?
  • Handout:  
  • HW:  DeltaMath
    • Complete the Handout
Monday, April 8 - Uses of Completing the Square

  • LO: You will be able to change a quadratic from standard to vertex form.
  • Essential Question: What is the connection between Completing the Square and the Quadratic Formula?
  • Handout:  Uses of Completing the Square
  • HW:  DeltaMath
    • Complete the Handout
    • Complete the Derivation of the Quadratic formula that we started in class.