Sept 23 - 27

posted Sep 23, 2013, 5:38 PM by Jonathan Rothman   [ updated Sep 28, 2013, 9:04 PM ]
Friday, September 27 - Absolute Value Equations and Absolute Value Inequalities
  • LO: You will be able to solve absolute value equations and absolute value inequalities.
  • Essential Question:  How do absolute value inequalities affect almost everything we buy?
  • Homework:
Thursday, September 26 - Unit 1 Exam and Absolute Value Equations 1
  • LO: You will be able to solve absolute value equations.
  • Essential Question:  What real world measurements does absolute value represent?
  • Homework:
    • Complete your Index Card for the Word Wall.
    • Enter the definition for your word wall word into the Glossary:  Link here
    • Complete the Solve Inequalities handout
    • DeltaMath - Linear Inequalities 3 correct, Linear inequalities timed, Absolute Value Equations 2 correct
Wednesday, September 25 - Introduction to inequalities
  • LO: YWBAT solve algebraic inequalities and graph them on a number line.
  • Essential Question: When would it be useful to find a range of answers?
  • Homework:
    • Solve Inequalities handout
    • Word Wall Word - Choose a vocabulary word from the Functions unit and email me with the word that you've chosen.  Then make a 3 x 5 card with the word on it (get decorative!).  The last step is to click on link for your class'  word wall Glossary (link is in the side bar to the right) and enter the definition for your word.  (Include your name with your word!)

Tuesday, September 24 - Function Transformations Part 2 - Reflection, Stretch & Compress
  • LO: You will be able to transform functions by Reflection & Compressing or Stretching.
  • Essential question: If the same transformation is applied to different functions, is the outcome the same?
  • complete the Transformation of Functions activity
  • Homework:

Monday, September 23 - Function Transformations - translations
  • Lo:  YWBAT transform functions by Translation.
  • Essential Question:  Will the same transformation have the same effect on different function families?
  • Transformation of Functions activity
  • Period 6 Homework:
    • Complete the Transformation of Functions Activity 
    • DeltaMath - Transformation of Functions (Discovery) 5 correct, Transformation of Functions 3 correct
  • Period 1 Homework
    • DeltaMath - Transformation of Functions (Discovery) 5 correct, Transformation of Functions 3 correct
    • Restricted Domain Handout (Due Wednesday)
    • DeltaMath - Domain (Guided) 4 Correct