Nov 4 - 8

posted Nov 3, 2013, 7:53 PM by Jonathan Rothman   [ updated Nov 8, 2013, 9:27 AM ]
Friday, November 8 - Product and Sum of the Roots
  • LO: YWBAT calculate the product and the sum of the roots of a quadratic.
  • Essential Question: How are a, b, & c related to the roots of a quadratic?
  • Part 1:  Complete the Square Wrap-up
  • Homework:

Thursday, November 7 - Complete the Square
Wednesday, November 6 - Vertex Form
  • LO:    You will be able to graph a parabola (quickly) given its quadratic equation.
  • Essential question: Where have we seen vertex form before?
  • Homework:
Monday, November 4 - Graphing Quadratics
  • LO: You will be able to graph quadratics using parts of the quadratic formula.
  • Essential Question: How much information does the quadratic formula contain?
  • Homework:
    • Graphing Parabolas Handout
    • DeltaMath - Axis of Symmetry & Vertex Algebraically, Nature of the Roots, Nature of the Roots from a Graph (Timed), Quadratic Formula, Solve by Factoring, Parabola Graphing
    • DeltaMath - written assignment: Simplify Fractions with Addition (WISC online Learning)