Dec 2 -6

posted Dec 2, 2013, 9:26 PM by Jonathan Rothman   [ updated Dec 6, 2013, 5:21 PM ]
Friday, November 6 - Sine, Cosine, & Tangent from the Unit Circle
  • LO: Given Points on a unit circle, YWBAT determine the values of sine, Cosine, and Tangent of an Angle.
  • Essential Question:  If it's called trigonometry, why are we studying circles?
  • Classwork:  Points on the Unit Circle  Worksheet Goes with This Geogebra Interactive
  • Homework:
    • DeltaMath - Exact Trig Value Graphically, Coterminal Angles
    • Reminder!  Saturday Class tomorrow!  Rationals!
    • Double Reminder!  Midterm on Thursday - material includes everything since the beginning of the semester!
Thursday, November 5 - Special Right Triangles and the coordinate around the unit circle

Wednesday, November 4 - Reciprocal Trig Functions and Trig Identities
  • LO: YWBAT to determine the ratios of all six trig functions.
  • Essential Question: What happens when we multiply reciprocal trig functions?  OR   Since when were there six trig functions? 
  • Reciprocal Trig Functions Handout
  • Homework:
    • DeltaMath - Identify Trig Ratios, Reciprocal Trig Identities
    • Complete the handout

Tuesday, November 3 - Coterminal Angles, Degrees Minutes Seconds (Dº M' S")

Monday, November 2 - Standard Position and Arc Length
  • LO: You will be able to find the length of an arc given the measure of the angle that subtends that arc.
  • Essential Question:   How does arc length relate to radian measure?
  • Homework: